Kirkland Organic Ground Beef: The Best Things You Should Know

October 26, 2016

As people become more and more conscious with what they eat, the demand for organic food arises. While there are many agricultural products still grown in farms and rural areas, finding organic food when you are living in the city does not allow you the option of growing your own produce, and meat.

If you are pasta and burger lover like me, knowing whether your food is purely organic or not is going to be a point of great interest. Find out whether the popular Kirkland organic ground beef brand will be the answer to your organic recipe prayers.


What Is Organic Food?


Unless you are growing animals in your own farm, there is no absolute guarantee that your ground beef is purely organic. For any type of food to be considered organic, it should be produced without using any form of artificial processes which generally encompasses all chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms or any other form of chemical modification and intervention that does not naturally arise from the earth.

How Can Ground Beef Be Considered Organic?


Before beef or any other form of meat can be considered organic, you have to make sure that they are being fed with a purely organic diet. Whatever chemical or substance is consumed by the animal prior to being slaughtered for food consumption, will remain in the meat of that said animal, which will then be passed on to the human consumers.

Since pesticides and GMOs have shown detrimental effects to the human health, this type of passing on from one predator to the next in the food chain, creates a rather vicious cycle of numerous illnesses and diseases. This is the main reason why brands like the Kirkland organic ground beef are becoming so popular.

Living Conditions Matter


While diet is one of the primary considerations of a healthy meat, popular belief has shown that the living conditions of the animal prior to food preparation also has a very significant effect.

Animals that are grown with the freedom to roam, getting plenty of sunlight and fresh air, prove to be a lot healthier, providing more nutritious benefits compared to the ones who are raised in captivity and kept in cages with poor sunlight, ventilation and space.

It is also important to note that animals raised in crammed cages and pens tend to have a filthier environment and because of the close proximity, there is also higher potential of exchanging and sharing viruses and bacteria.

How Are The Cows For The Kirkland Organic Fed And Raised


The Kirkland brand is well-known, especially to Costco shoppers. For those who are not from the US, Costco is wholesale store selling practically everything by bulk and at reduced prices. This is a very popular store in the US, which makes Kirkland one of the most trusted brands.

Where does Kirkland get their meat?


Admittedly, this is one of the main questions that some people would be most concerned about. Unfortunately, only around 50% of all Kirkland Organic Ground Beefs are actually grown in the US. Due to the massive demand for organic ground beef, Costco admits that they have been importing the other 50% of their produce which enables them to fulfill the needs and demands of the market.

Australian Organic Beef

Out of all the organic beefs you can choose from, the ones grown in Australia are the ones that are fed a hundred percent, with just grass. Because of the country’s rich soil and space, they are able to produce superior meat quality that are purely organic at the same time.

Organic Beef Originating From Other Countries

A lot of people would often assume that organic meat means they were all fed with grass throughout their life, which is, in fact, not really the case. You should remember that grass is not the only food edible to beef and other farm animals.

Corn, wheat, barley and other natural produces may also be used to feed farm animals. As long as they were grown organically, your farm animals will still produce organic meat.

While imported organic meat may be from a different country, rest assured that the labeling process here in the US is strict enough to make sure that you will be getting exactly what the manufacturers claim.

Kirkland Organic Ground Beef For The Holidays!


With the holiday season just around the corner, start buying and storing your ingredients like the Kirkland organic ground beef for your meatball spaghetti and burger patties. Make sure to read the fine print whenever you are buying a product that you have never tried before so you can ensure that all the ingredients are acceptable to you.

If you have a preferred brand of organic meat and produce, kindly share it in the comments section so we can all learn more about these organic options. Feel free to share this article with your friends if you have found it useful.

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